Our mission is to enrich the community with high quality entertainment that warms the heart, uplifts the spirit, and tells worthy stories. We plan to provide volunteer opportunities for those in the community and offer educational experiences for children, teens and adults to develop artistic talents and learn the theater craft.

Our productions will be affordable theatre that is moving and compelling without being overly offensive or inappropriate, bringing audiences to tears through song and dance, language and laughter, and stories that bring to our community wholesome messages of love and acceptance, pain and healing, integrity, courage, culture, and celebration of life.

General Information

The theater will approach producing live theater from a three-fold philosophy.


Our primary focus will be producing live musicals and comedies. This Main Show season will consist of 8-10 productions a year, each running 16 to 40 performances over 5 to 6 weekends. Community members will direct, act in, and provide technical assistance for these productions as volunteers. In keeping with our marketing strategy, the material produced will be family friendly and well-known. Further, artistic excellence within the confines of a community theater budget will be strictly observed.

Children’s Theatre

A secondary focus will be producing live plays for children. These shows will play Saturday mornings and will introduce young children to live theater. The plays are designed to entertain and interact with the youth audience while providing valuable life lessons in familiar children stories. Community members will direct, act in and operate sound and lights for these productions as well.


A final focus will be to provide community members the opportunity to learn the craft of theater. Basic and Advanced Acting, Musical Theater & Audition Skills will be taught by experienced teachers at an affordable price. Classes will culminate in recital performances giving students an opportunity to perform material learned during each session free for family and friends.

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