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Granbury Theatre Academy is pleased to announce its schedule of class offerings for the summer of 2017 that include a wide array of classes and performance opportunities for children, teens, and adults.

The history and prestige that come with the performing arts means something different to everyone. That’s why we have a dozen different ways to get involved in The Granbury Theatre Academy whether it’s acting, voice work, dancing, set design, or stage management. All classes will be age appropriate and offer an opportunity as a starting point for students to become involved in mainstage shows.  

Study after study has shown that the arts are more than fluff.  A UCLA study confirms that consistent participation greatly improves academic performance and significantly bumps up standardised test scores. Students who make time for the arts are also more involved in community service and less likely to drop out of school, and we’re not just talking about upper-middle-class kids. The facts remain, regardless of a child’s socio-economic background.

Granbury Theatre Company President, Micky Shearon says, “for children and teens, the arts are an invaluable tool to teach higher level critical and cognitive thinking skills, as well as the collaborative skills so important in today’s economy.  Kids and adults alike are enriched through their exposure  to acting, singing, dancing, building props, and managing sets.”

Director of Granbury Theatre Academy, Megan Hildebrand added, “Theatre also connects to the importance of reading. A play has the ability to spring a story off the page and bring it to life. This is a real boon to reluctant readers because theatre jump starts the imagination and lengthens the attention span.”

The Academy is also looking for adults who have always wanted to give acting a try or to those simply seeking to polish presentation skills and gain experience and comfort in front of an audience or behind the scenes. “Surprise yourself and join us in a no pressure, fun, learning environment,” says Hildebrand.

Our summer schedule of classes begin June 5, 2017.  For detailed information and course descriptions for our Summer 2017 class offerings click here.


Granbury Theatre Company is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization whose mission is to enrich the community with high-quality, family-friendly entertainment that inspires and uplifts the spirit; entertains and warms the heart; and, informs and opens the mind; to provide volunteer opportunities to community members; and, to offer ongoing education and experience in the performing arts.


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