Announcing Open Auditions for Oliver!

Based on the Novel by Charles Dickens
Music, Lyrics and Book by Lionel Bart

Direction / Music Direction by Shannah Rae
Choreography by Brooke Goodson
Stage Management by Cessany Ford

Children’s Auditions:  Monday, July 11 from 5-8pm

NOTE: Children must be able to perform in all 20 shows. There will be no double casting. There may be understudies for Oliver and the Artful Dodger.

Adult Auditions:  Tuesday, July 12 from 5-10pm

Callbacks:  Saturday, July 16 from 10am-2pm

Auditions will be held at the Granbury Opera House. Please come prepared with a headshot and resume.

Auditioners should prepare a clearly marked 16-32 bar cut from a song in the style of the show. Accompaniment will be provided. 

To schedule an audition time please visit: 


The production runs from September 30-October 30 with shows on Fridays at 7:30pm, Saturdays at 2pm and 7:30pm, and Sundays at 2pm.

Actor Stipends are available for some roles.

Housing is available upon request.


Nothing works on the stage like a well-crafted tale, and OLIVER! is just such a show. Based on the Dickens novel, it will engage your audience with its pathos and drama, while delighting everyone with its outstanding musical numbers. Food, Glorious Food, I’d Do Anything, Where is Love?, Consider Yourself, As Long As He Needs Me, Who Will Buy and Reviewing the Situation are musical theatre classics. Dickens’ characters are brought to life—perhaps larger than life—with all their facets glowing in this production.


Oliver Twist: (Child-Soprano) The protagonist of the story, Oliver Twist is a young boy, born in a workhouse and quickly orphaned. Overworked, underfed, and without any family, Oliver sets out on a quest to find a place to belong. Although he is young, small, and innocent, he is also feisty, charming, and intelligent. The actor playing Oliver should have strong, charismatic stage presence, a vulnerable but tough personality, and a strong voice. British (not Cockney) accent.  Oliver will be single-cast and therefore must be available for all rehearsals and performances to be considered for this role.

(Mature Adult-Baritone) An intelligent, sneaky, and charming career criminal. Fagin takes in homeless boys and teaches them to be pickpockets. A true coward, Fagin prefers to have others do the dirty work, while he benefits. The actor playing Fagin should have
charm for days, a great command of comedic timing, and a depth that betrays the notion of a one-sided career criminal.  Cockney accent.
Artful Dodger: (Older child or preteen-soprano) Well-spoken, precocious, and utterly charming. Though just a boy, he acts, speaks, and dresses like a grown man. As Fagin’s “right hand man,” he picks up recruits (like Oliver Twist) to add to Fagin’s roster. Dodger is physically deft, making him an excellent pickpocket and easing his escapes from the police, and he knows the city and his trade like the back of his hand. The actor playing Dodger should have a strong, dynamic stage presence, a quirky, and bright personality.  Cockney accent.  Dodger will be single-cast and therefore must be available for all rehearsals and performances to be considered for the role.
Nancy: (Young Adult-Mezzo with full belt up to a C#5) Nancy was once a child pickpocket in Fagin’s gang, and now is a prostitute as well as the lover of Fagin’s gang leader, Bill Sykes. Despite the fact that Nancy is a career criminal, she is noble, kind-hearted, and moral. Like many abused women, Nancy returns to Bill because she has no one and nowhere else to run. The actor playing Nancy should have a strong lower range and a belt up to C#5. She must be able to create a character that everyone wants to root for, with emotional depth and heart. Cockney Accent.
Bill Sykes: (Adult-Baritone) Cruel, brutish, and merciless, Bill is a professional burglar and former student of thievery under Fagin’s tutelage. Bill has taken another former pickpocket from Fagin’s gang, Nancy, as his lover. A dangerous abuser and alcoholic, Bill treats the things he cares about most with contempt and violence. He lacks empathy or remorse and can turn violent at the slightest provocation.   Cockney Accent.

Mr. Bumble: (Adult-Tenor) Mr. Bumble is the town “beadle” (a petty officer of a certain parish,) and oversees the workhouse where Oliver Twist is born. He claims to work for Christian morals, but his behavior reveals him to be self-righteous, greedy, and cruel to the children and impoverished people under his care. Will double in the ensemble.  British accent.

Widow Corney: (Adult-Legit/Mix Belt) The matron at the workhouse where Oliver Twist is born. She is cruel, greedy, and hypocritical. Like Mr. Bumble, she professes to be righteous, but behaves callously towards others. In her marriage with Mr. Bumble, she is demeaning and demanding. Will double in the ensemble.  Cockney accent.
Mr. Sowerberry: (Adult-Baritone) The town undertaker to whom Oliver Twist is sold. He is stingy, slimy, and defers entirely to his wife. The actor playing Mr. Sowerberry should have excellent comedic timing and a witty sense of humor. Will double in the ensemble.  Cockney accent.
Mrs. Sowerberry: (Adult-Soprano) The wife of Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker. Mrs. Sowerberry is mean-spirited, judgmental, and constantly nagging her henpecked husband.  She is the obvious head of the Sowerberry household.   Will double in the ensemble.   Cockney accent.

Charlotte: (Teenager) The rude and obnoxious daughter of the Sowerberrys.   Charlotte takes great pleasure in teasing young Oliver Twist, and flirts lasciviously with the Sowerberry’s apprentice, Noah Claypole. Will double in the ensemble.  Cockney accent.
Noah Claypole: (Teenager) Noah is apprenticed to Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker. He is a cowardly and nasty bully. He treats Oliver quite poorly, taunting him and beating him. Noah enjoys a flirty relationship with the Sowerberry’s daughter, Charlotte. Will double in the ensemble.
Bet: (Late Teens/Young Adult) One of Fagin’s former child pickpockets, Bet is now a friend of Nancy, and a fellow prostitute. She idolizes Nancy, and is charmed by little Oliver.  Will double in the ensemble.
Mr. Brownlow: (Mature Adult) Mr. Brownlow is a wealthy, intelligent gentleman who becomes orphan Oliver’s benefactor. Mr. Brownlow is compassionate, understanding, and willing to stand up for what he believes is right. British accent. 
Dr. Grimwig: (Adult) A friend of the wealthy and generous Mr. Brownlow, Dr. Grimwig examines Oliver at Mr. Brownlow’s request. He is, in contrast to Brownlow, pessimistic, cynical, and jaded. At the core, however, he is a good man; his curmudgeonly attitude is merely a quirk of character. Will double in the ensemble.
Adult Ensemble:  3 men and 3 women to play various roles including bar keepers, street merchants, police officers, workhouse employees, and London citizens. Strong singer/movers preferred.
Fagin’s Gang/Children Ensemble:  The gang of pickpockets who are housed and fed by Fagin. He teaches them to pick pockets, takes what they get, and gives them food and shelter. Most are orphans and homeless. All actors playing members of Fagin’s gang should have bright, unique personalities and a strong singing voice.  Some children will be featured in the opening number “Food, Glorious Food” as well as other ensemble numbers.  To be considered for the show, actors must be available for all 20 performances and have minimal to no conflicts during the rehearsal process.


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